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Auto Maintenance & Repair:

Quality Service at Excellent Prices

At North Street Automotive in Towanda, Illinois, we complete all of our auto repair services at a reasonable and affordable price. Our current rate of $ 49.00 per hour is one of the lowest rates in the area, if you already have an estimate give us a call and compare.
Our Code of Ethics
North Street Automotive performs professional repairs at affordable prices, and we make it easy on your budget. This is not just a gimmick, but also a reality. 

Car Engine, Auto Repair Services in Towanda, IL

We treat you, our customer, right by giving you accurate estimates and sticking to our estimate to do the most cost-effective repairs. If you could get the same repair at 30 to 60 % less but with the same quality, would you settle for anything else? Give us a call and let us do the repair instead.

Our Auto Repair Services
Here is a list of our most common auto repairs.

• Radiators
• Air-Conditioning
• Alternators
• Clutches
• Timing Belts

• Car Starters
• Water Pumps


We also do engine tunings and electrical repairs. We also fix overheated engines as well.

Tires, Auto Repair Services in Towanda, IL

Our Auto Maintenance Services
Like the human body, a car also needs regular check-ups and fine-tuning to stay in good shape. Trust our technicians to complete basic auto maintenance functions for you. Here are some the main services we do.

• Oil Changes
• Fluid Changes

• Tune-Ups
• Fuel Injections
• Belt & Hose Replacements
• Fuel Injections

We also look after your shocks and struts, replace air filters when needed, check your engine light, and run computer diagnostics on your engine. If you like, we can use parts you already have, or we can use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts. We promise to work within your budget.
Let us give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Car Maintenance Tips
Check your brakes. Do this at least once a year to ensure safe operation of your vehicle. We can do both mechanical and hydraulic inspections for you.

Check your lights regularly. We can ensure your lights are all in fine shape, and thereby, prevent an unnecessary accident, or worse—a traffic ticket.

Check your suspension. We can ensure you have no worn or broken parts in the suspension for optimal fuel mileage, alignment and safety.

Car Interior, Auto Repair Services in Towanda, IL

Trust your car’s maintenance and repair to the professionals at North
Street Automotive. Call us at (309) 728-8880 today.