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We have a long list of satisfied customers in Towanda, Illinois, and we would like to add you to that list today. Here is a customer testimonial below. We will continue to update this site with customer reviews on our repair services, so please keep checking back.

“Hi, Dave worked on my car for valve cover gasket change and it worked out very good. I bought part from Advanced auto parts and then he replaced it with ease and did cleaning of excess oil near engine area. My car runs good after it and very cost effective for me. He also recharge air conditioner refrigerant with stop leak undefined dye. That improved car's AC performance Honest and reliable place, you will save a lot compared to other shops/dealer. Would definitely to recommend to others.”

Thanks, Gautam by g7star on March 29, 2011

I am delighted to know about Dave last year (2012) and to be honest, haven't seen a mechanic who is so knowledgeable and astronomically economical, he is the person who recommends services when absolutely required unlike many auto shops.  Be it replacing air filters, changing brakes, Differential Fluid, Timing Belt, or perhaps any services I can confidently tell one can get it done with at least 50% less than the most economical deal in town but with premium quality, I haven't seen a genuine, trustworthy, and honest auto mechanic as Dave. He is one guy whom we feel like giving more after the services !!!


Man, Satisfied Customers in Towanda, IL

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